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On his own merit, our enemy is not particularly powerful.  He can accuse and provoke, but until he finds something within us to grab hold of, he is limited.  Unfortunately, identifying such a handle isn’t necessarily difficult.  It can be provided by unresolved hurts, lies we’ve believed, a distorted sense of who we are, a twisted sense of who God is (or isn’t), unforgiveness…  An important part of defending ourselves against such attacks is to recognize what those handles are for us.  This comes through an honest examination of what consistently steals our sense of peace, or security, or joy, or hope; and those triggers which cause us to abandon Christ’s character/ways in favor of something more visceral.  One of the adversary’s most effective tools in these situations is blame.  If we can find someone else to blame for the condition of our hearts, we will remain focused on “them”, and never seek the healing we so desperately need.  That is a win-win for our enemy, as we remain both miserable, and powerless to do anything about it.

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