The problem with us trying to play the Holy Spirit in someone else’s life, is we so often try to be the Counselor when He’s wanting to be the Comforter.



Without God, we are bound to become prisoners of our own mind.  Unless we can conceive of something bigger than ourselves, our thoughts, feelings, experiences, and circumstances become the borders of our reality.

The strength that actually matters in this life cannot be forged in the gym. Though we should endeavor to maintain some level of reasonable health, we are rarely called upon to bring substantial physical power to a situation.  On the other hand, we are challenged intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually, on an almost daily basis.  Thus, qualities like the ability to think clearly when chaos reigns around us, or to put others needs above our own, or to continue to love when our heart has been crushed, or to hold onto our values in the face of rampant compromise, or to have faith in the midst of the storm… prove to be of far greater worth.  Yet, as a society we seem much more focused on our physical state, while these other aspects of our being remain weak and under-developed.  One day, our bodies will be buried in the dirt, and it will be what we did with the rest of us that ultimately determines how we are remembered.

Consequence is the price we pay for the freedom to choose. 

Too often the energy needed to initiate genuine change is spent on wrestling with things we cannot change.

If we could comprehend the significance of who we were created to be,

we wouldn’t be so prone to invest our identity in other things


If we could understand the position we’ve been given in Christ,

we wouldn’t feel the need to fight our way to the front of the crowd


If we could grasp the magnitude of what the Savior accomplished for us,

we would never need to be afraid of the future


If we could accept what God says about us as truth,

we would be immune to the sharp and hurtful words that so often pierce us


If we could fathom the depth of our Father’s love for us,

we wouldn’t be so willing to settle for superficial affections


If we could discern the nearness of God’s Spirit,

we would never feel alone

It’s popularly held that a person ought to use their “platform” to speak to the issues of the day. But that has created an atmosphere of nearly constant conflict, where our opinions are elevated above sustaining meaningful relationships within our communities. Now even tragic events are seen as an opportunity to advance our particular agenda. We’ve become a society that is more passionate about its ideas than compassionate for its neighbors. Unless we reverse that trend, the quality of our existence will continue to erode.