One shouldn’t expect to successfully cast out a demon with the same attitude they used to invite it in (even if they use Jesus’ name).

If they have to apologize in order to receive forgiveness then it’s not really forgiveness.  That is not releasing them from their debt, it’s demanding payment.

Feeling sorry for someone who’s already immersed in self pity is like giving a glass of water to a drowning man.

Being angry with God isn’t likely to change how He feels about you, but it sure does excite your demons.

One Voice

There is a place where it all comes together

your experience

your intuition

your gut level instincts

A place where your passion, and intellect sing with one voice

In that moment you just know

and it seems inevitable

It is the triumph of the human spirit

And in the end

it leads to death (Prov. 14:12)

The spirit of this age wants you to be angry

So that you’ll miss the joy that is your strength

The spirit of this age wants you to know that you’re a victim

So that you will be defined by the most painful moments of your life

The spirit of this age wants you to make your voice heard

So that the still small voice of God is drowned out

The spirt of this age wants you to fight for control

So that you will exhaust yourself chasing the unattainable

The spirit of this age wants you to be offended

So that you’ll withhold the grace that can change lives

The spirit of this age wants your hope invested in the wisdom of men

So that you can be crushingly disappointed again and again

The spirit of this age wants you to go to extremes

So that you’ll miss the straight pathway, which prepares the way of the Lord

The spirit of this age want you focused on what is seen

So that you’ll forfeit the provision that’s been made in the unseen realm

The spirit of this age has a narrative to fill your mouth

So that you will forsake speaking words of life

The spirit of this age wants you to be religious

So that you can feel righteous in your indignation

Eyes to See

You have given us eyes to see:

Beauty in midst of ashes


Value in those who’ve been discarded


Folly within our own hearts


You have given us eyes to discern:

The foolishness in what men call wisdom


The evaporating worth of temporal things


The emptiness of a life immersed in self


You have given us eyes to find:

Peace within the storm


Transformation through times of brokenness


Hope in seasons of tragedy


You have given us eyes to recognize:

The fear in the eyes of our oppressors


The inherent deceptiveness of human nature


Your fingerprints all around us


Let those who have eyes to see


(Ezekiel 12:2)

Standing before His accusers, Jesus said not a word. That’s because silence is a perfectly appropriate response to a closed mind.

The Voice in the Closet is a collection of stories, poems, essays, lists, prayers, and thoughts that were inspired during times of prayer.  Taken together, they are effectually a prayer journal from almost two decades of walking with the Lord.  Volume 1 became available on Amazon today.  Volume 2 should be available in the coming weeks.

I’m not making a case that these are the five “greatest guitarists of all-time”, but they are my all-time favorites.

5.  Larry Carlton: 

Though Larry is a Jazz music legend, I am most familiar with his work with Steely Dan, which is nothing short of spectacular.  His fills are always tasteful, generally warm, and frequently remarkable.  Listen to the solo on “Kid Charlemagne” or his work on “Aja”, both by Steely Dan. 

4.  Stevie Ray Vaughan:

In his short but brilliant career, Vaughan created a catalog of memorable blues rock music that both paid homage to the classics and forged its own path forward.  His fluid playing woven into a raw vocal style created beautifully textured songs that stick to your soul.  Checkout his playing on “Riviera Paradise”.  

3.  Mark Knopfler:

Dire Straits was by no means a guitar driven band, but Mark Knopfler’s distinctive playing style was at the heart of their best music.  He was never showy or much on guitar solos, but his virtuosity was undeniable.  Checkout “Private Investigations” and/or “Telegraph Road”.

2.  Carlos Santana:

It is tempting to say Carlos is my all-time favorite.  His playing style is all his own, and it adds a savory tang to everything it touches.  It’s hard to pick a favorite, but “Europa” is a great place to start.

1.  Jimmy Page:

What makes Page standout for me is his ability to seamlessly shift from blues, to rock, to folk.  The sheer variety of his catalog is astounding.  Again, hard to pick just one, but “Since I’ve Been Loving You” jumps to my mind.