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I’ve noticed that it’s generally folks who’ve never run their own business who say things like, “you can be your own boss”; while people who’ve had that experience realize that you can easily be as much of a slave to the market, the payroll, and/or the bottom line, as you ever were to the guy who signed your paycheck.  Leadership is like that too.  To those who’ve never really been responsible for other people, “being in charge” can seem like a glamourous and enviable position; but in reality it is rarely so.  Genuine leadership requires an almost constant and concerted effort to balance the needs/desires/circumstances of individuals with the larger goals/mission of the group.  Great leaders have to be willing to make the decision that no one else is willing to make, to say the thing that no one else is willing to say, and to stand in the face of the turmoil that inevitably follows those things.  They are the last to leave a sinking ship or burning building, and the first to jump out of the foxhole when it comes time to charge.  While that might look glorious on a movie screen, the reality is far more grueling.

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