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For many, the rise of the internet has corresponded to a decline in visits to the bookstore/library.  But sometimes a stroll through the volumes can be an interesting journey.  Recently, as I walked through the library, I saw some eye-catching book covers, which were prominently displayed.  Though I couldn’t help but notice them, I wasn’t really tempted to pick any of them up, and it occurred to me how little the cover of a book really matters.  After all, the real value of any book is based on what is contained within.  As I thought about my favorite books, I couldn’t even picture what their covers looked like, though I’d have no trouble describing how their content has impacted me over the years.  I certainly couldn’t imagine getting rid of one of these simply because that cover was no longer in good shape.  And as I pondered all this, it dawned on me that I feel the same way about my favorite people.

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