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Dear Young Marketing Strategist – I wanted to drop you a quick note about the best way to approach “Baby Boomers”.  Now, let me begin by acknowledging that we are probably not your top priority.  As the last of us reach our 60s, we are most certainly a diminishing share of the market.  That said, we also have a pretty good track record when it comes to paying our bills, and doing that on time (i.e. we’re generally good customers to have). 

Like most human beings, we are susceptible to a smiling face, a friendly voice, and things that will save us money.  So when you offer me roughly equivalent services for a fraction of the price I’m currently paying, I’m probably going to jump all over that.  But three months later, when I find out that was only an “Introductory Rate” and my bill triples, I will feel betrayed.  And before you even ask, “No, I did not read the fine print”.  The font was too small, and this little detail was buried on about the third page of legalese. Of course, I suspect that you already knew that.

For us old folks, dealing with someone we trust is kind of a big deal, and once we lose that trust, it’s probably over.  Which brings me to another point, when you extend special offers to new customers, that aren’t available to existing customers, you are actually discouraging loyalty to your product.  Loyalty is another one of those core values for us “Boomers”. 

Once things get bad enough for me to sever ties with your company, please don’t try to offer me all sorts of incentives to come back.  Not doing business with you has become a matter of principle, and I will pay double to your competitor just to protect my sense of integrity.

You can call me stubborn.  You can call me old fashioned.  You can call me a dinosaur.  Just don’t call me on the phone (or text me, or e-mail, or …). 

I hope this helps.  Sincerely – The Guy (born) at the end of the Boom

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