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The Humanist wants to believe that left to its own devices mankind would eventually create a Utopia. Unfortunately for them, all of human history flies in the face of that notion. While Mr. Lennon could imagine a world with “no heaven”, “no hell”, and with a “people living for today” as paradise, history must once again protest that it would be anything but that. To be sure, it is our very nature to relish the autonomy that accompanies the idea that every man defines truth for himself (i.e. relative truth), yet our demands for justice remain absolute in the things we choose to abhor. To shun the concept that there is a power and authority that is greater than any man could possess is to forfeit our place of refuge from life’s inevitable storms. In such cases we are forced to create imaginary friends, like luck or fate, in order to produce some small sense of hope. But alas, it’s all too much like spending the rent money on lottery tickets. Like the popular country artist, Tim McGraw, sings, life tends to lead us to either “drugs or Jesus”.

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