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The enemy of your soul has a story he’d like to share today.  It’s a tale of frustration, failure, and pain.  It’s a narrative filled with “if only’s” (e.g. if only this would happen, if only that hadn’t happened), which will always leave you one step away from wherever you want to be.  The Creator of your soul also has a story He’d like to share today.  It’s a plan of provision, strength and hope.  It’s a narrative filled with “even if’s” (e.g. even if that happened, even if this never happens), which will free you from the constraints of your circumstance.  Ultimately, the reality of your day will boil down to which one of these narratives you find more compelling.  (Deut. 30:19)



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Complaining is like singing a praise song to the enemy of our soul.

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