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  • What if our value to God isn’t found in what we can accomplish in His name, but is rooted in our genuine affection for Him (2Chron. 16:9, Matt. 22:37, Mark 12:30, Rom. 8:28)?
  • What if our extensive knowledge of scripture, and all our good works don’t really matter unless they are accompanied by His heart for others (1Cor. 13:1-3, 1John 4:20)?
  • What if God isn’t so much concerned with the perfection of our execution, as He is with the sincerity of our effort (Rom. 8:28, Heb. 11:6)?
  • What if partaking of His resurrection power is predicated on participating in His death and burial (John 12:24, Rom. 6:5)?
  • What if we’re not waiting on Him to move (John 19:30), and He is in fact waiting for us to discover what we’ve already been given (Rom. 8:19, Col.1:27, 2Peter 1:3)?
  • What if He’s already given us everything we need to be His glorious bride (1Cor. 2:16, 1John 2:27, 2Peter 1:3), and we’ve just been too distracted to prepare for a wedding (Matt. 15:8)?

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