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With each passing year I am more convinced that the only thing that really has the power to stand in the way of God’s will for my life is my own will for my life. That what keeps me from having His heart for people is all the other feelings those people stir in me. That what keeps me from having the mind of Christ is all the other thoughts that I allow to occupy my mind. That what keeps me from hearing His voice clearly is all the other voices my ears are tuned to. That what keeps me from saying what He’s saying, is all the other stuff I feel the compulsion to say. That the only one who can really keep me from becoming the person He made me to be, is this person I’ve chosen to be instead. That the way that seems right to me is what keeps me from simply following Him. In light of this, how significant is it that “self” control is a fruit of the Holy Spirit. Ultimately, it is the only thing that God has ever given me “control” of.

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