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A little warning for our High School Graduates. 

Growing up can often be a disappointing process. When you’re 10, you imagine that becoming a “teenager” will change everything. But a few days after your 13th birthday, you realize that things are pretty much the same. Then you start dreaming about turning 16, and getting your license, which is cool; but again, you quickly recognize that it doesn’t make as much difference as you thought. Even 18 is that way. Yeah, you’re legally an adult now, yet you still have to turn in your homework and get up for school the next day.

But finishing High School is different. Though you may not sense it immediately, the rules have changed dramatically. Up to this point, there was a system specifically designed to carry you along. There was a whole panel of adults (e.g. parents, grandparents, pastors, youth group leaders, teachers, coaches, counselors…) assigned to provide guidance, boundaries, bedtimes, wake-ups, rides, resources, and incentives to stay on the right track.

There were organized activities intended specifically for you, like sports teams, school plays, dances, and 4H club. And there was an education system built to pretty much ensure your success. As long as you cooperated (i.e. showed up with a decent attitude) with these processes, you were almost guaranteed to make it through.

But now, that all changes. Almost your entire support staff got laid off at graduation, and adulthood is very much a give and take proposition. Generally, you get out of it what you put into it. Even staying in school changes.

Colleges and Universities are businesses. You pay to take their classes. If you don’t show up, the teacher isn’t going to come looking for you. If you don’t turn in your work, they will not scold you, or even ask about it. If you fail the class, they will happily allow you to pay them to take the course over again next semester.

The workplace, and relationships, and almost every other facet of life works similarly. What you receive from it will be proportional to what you’ve put into it.  If you want to have a great marriage, a successful career, or even to live in an exceptional community, you will need to invest yourself (i.e. time, energy, passion…) in it.

Graduation isn’t your retirement from the hard work of high school, it’s your promotion to the Varsity team of life, and the ball’s now in your hands.

Simply showing up, empty handed, will no longer get it done. Ultimately, life was never meant to be a spectator sport – so I’d highly recommend that you dive in, and I wish you the best.

P.S. – Don’t be intimidated, you’re stronger than you know.                                        

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