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  1. I’ve never been completely honest.  To the degree that I have been deceived (or have deceived myself), I am incapable of sharing the truth with someone else.
  2. I’ve never lived a day that I wasn’t desperately in need of God’s grace.  On my best day, I’ve had thoughts I should’ve taken captive, attitudes I should have surrendered, and I’ve chosen my way over His.
  3. I’ve never led anyone to Christ.  Scripture tells us that no one comes to Christ unless they are drawn by the Father (John 6:44).  Though I have played a part in that process, I have never led it.
  4. I’ve never made someone happy.  I’ve loved people, helped people, encouraged people…, but none of that has made them happy.  The choice to count blessings, to see the beauty, and to find joy in the moment always remains with them.
  5. I’ve never been controlled by the Holy Spirit.  The Lord once told me that He has never “controlled” me, and that the moment by moment decision to surrender to the power of His Spirit is always a sovereign act of my will.  He further explained that this is why “self-control” is a fruit of the Holy Spirit (Gal.5:23).

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