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You built us a private garden, where we could be together in the cool of the day

But we chose a land of our own.


You came to us as a cloud by day, and a fire by night

But when You spoke directly to us, we asked that You stop.


You tried to guide us from afar

But we killed Your prophets, and demanded an earthly king.


You sent us Your only Son

But we nailed Him to a cross.


You made it so we could encounter You face to face

Yet, we still seek Your glory in some mystical cloud.


You invite us to come as little children

Yet we act as though You are unapproachable.


You sent Your Holy Spirit to dwell within us

And still, we clamor for You to send something more.


We claim to be grafted to the vine

But our branches remain barren of nourishing fruit.


We’ve put Your name on our buildings,

But we’ve not made a place for You to dwell.


What is man that You are mindful of him?

Yet, still You go to and fro about the earth,

looking for hearts that are truly yours.

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