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Morning Prayer

On the first day, You hovered above the chaos, bringing about the beautiful order we see throughout creation; and to this day all things are held together by your Spirit.

Lord I pray, hover above the turmoil within my soul; and gather my scattered thoughts with your loving hands.


On the day You awoke in the midst of a raging tempest, You rebuked the wind, and calmed the seas.

Lord I pray, speak to the storms that swirl around me, and quiet the churning waters of my heart.


On the day You last broke bread with Your followers, You prayed that they would be one, as You and the Father are one.

Lord I pray, unite us by Your Spirit, that we might become a Bride worthy of Your return.


On the day You prayed in the garden, You chose the will of your Father above your own.

Lord I pray, help me today that I might do the same.


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