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It drives us to exaggerate our claims, while hiding our failures

It highlights the painful moments, while syphoning off the blessings

It causes us to interpret even the simplest of questions as an attack

It conjures images of inevitable rejection




It compels us to manipulate in the fear our needs will go unmet

It keeps us wrestling for a seat that already had our name on it

It pushes us to be someone we’re not in the belief that no one could love us as we truly are

It makes us feel as though people are judging us when we’re actually judging ourselves




It encourages us to wonder who the author was thinking of when he wrote this


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There is a loneliness that is more profound than simply being alone, and it is experienced when we join ourselves with someone who places no value in who we really are.  There is a rejection that is more devastating than the sense that we are simply not attractive, and it is experienced when we discover that we have become nothing more than an apparatus to fulfill our partners needs.  There is an emptiness that is more desolate than simply being ignored, and it is experienced when the person we are closest to does not respect nor encourage us.  Ultimately, we are better off taking the journey on our own, than to travel in the company of one whose apathy shouts our insignificance.

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