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February has been pretty amazing so far. The first of the month found our oldest daughter moving into her own apartment. A week later, her water broke, and she had our first grandbaby (three weeks ahead of schedule). A week later we had to bring in hospice for my mother-in-law (Marilyn K. Messer), who passed away the following morning. With family and friends, we said goodbye to Marilyn on Wednesday and last night we watched our youngest daughter (& her teammates) win a league championship (both regular season & tournament champs @ 15-1) in basketball. And today (02/21/2014) is my beautiful bride’s birthday.

It seems to me that life is a long and eventful journey, and I’m so thankful to be able to share that voyage with Anita. We will have been married 16 years next month, and they have truly been the best years of my life. I am so grateful to God for who He made Anita to be and for joining us together. Though neither of us is perfect, and we are not “perfect” as a couple, we are definitely better together. As I tried to find some new words to say today, I found myself revisiting some words I’ve already said. They are truer today than they’ve ever been.

Looking at You

I see the reflection of your face in the mirror
As you give yourself yet another disgusted look
I can hear that little voice inside your head
As you wonder what I must think of you

But if there’s one thing we’ve never really agreed upon
It’s the question of your worth
You imagine that I simply put up with you
While I think of you as God’s special gift

You see a woman who’s getting older
While I see all the years that we’ve shared
You see the wear & tear of the miles
While I’m reminded of our amazing journey together

You see a woman who’s lost her shape
While I see the mother of our beautiful children
You see all the things you want to change
While I see the things I never want to live without

You say that love is blind
But I say that it has x-ray vision
You say that I am biased
And I wonder why I’d be any other way

How could I separate my heart from all the love that we’ve shared
Or my mind from all that we have learned together
How could I ever look at you like some stranger on the street
And divorce myself from the understanding of who you really are
How could I ever look into your eyes
And not see the soul that has so often touched my own

We are like two old trees
Whose roots and branches have become intertwined
It’s no longer clear where one ends & the other begins
And the only way to separate us would be to cut us into pieces

If you wonder what I see when I look at you
I see love
I see beauty
I see my destiny

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