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I’m not making a case that these are the five “greatest singers of all-time”, but they are amongst my all-time favorites.

5.  Peter Gabriel: 

Peter Gabriel’s vocals are certainly distinctive, and while he doesn’t possess what would be considered a traditionally great voice, his ability to effectively convey a wide range of emotions is uncanny.  Frequently his vocal performances are evocative and compelling.  Listen to “Biko”, “In Your Eyes”, “Red Rain”, “Don’t Give Up” (w/Kate Bush), “Blood of Eden”, “Secret World”…. 

4.  Burton Cummings:

Easily one of the most underrated vocalists of the rock era, this blue eyed soul powerhouse teamed with fellow Canadian Randy Bachman to create a host of memorable songs in the band the Guess Who.  Their ongoing lack of recognition from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is further evidence of that organizations prodigious ineptitude. Checkout “These Eyes”, “Undone”, “No Time”, “Share the Land”, “No Sugar Tonight”, “American Woman”…  

3.  Ann Wilson:

Arguably the greatest female voice in rock history, Ann Wilson has created a catalogue of memorable vocal performances. Even when Heart’s music veered toward the pop-rock lane, Wilson’s singing remained an impressive centerpiece.  Listen to “Magic Man”, “How Deep it Goes”, “Crazy On You”, “Barracuda”, “Sylvan Song”, “Nada One”, “Rock and Roll (Live)”, “Alone”…

2.  Karen Carpenter:

There is no doubt that Richard Carpenter’s musical acumen was a huge part of the group’s success in the 1970’s, but it is those same arrangements / production elements that make their catalog sound so out of date today.  Even so, the transcendent quality of Karen Carpenter’s voice remains a timeless pop music treasure.   Listen to “Superstar”, “Ticket to Ride”, “Yesterday Once More”, “Rainy Days and Mondays”, “We’ve Only Just Begun”…

1.  Steve Perry:

Although dismissed by critics for their pop sound, Journey consistently created well produced, and highly listenable records.  Whatever they may have lacked in edginess, they more than made up for with virtuoso musicianship, and the impassioned vocals of singer Steve Perry.  Decades later, Perry is widely held as on the greatest vocalists of all-time.  Check out “Lights”, “Patiently”, “Walks Like a Lady (Live)”, “Still They Ride”, “Separate Ways”, “Send Her My Love”, “Faithfully”, “When You Love a Woman”…

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