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When a musician plays an instrument, it isn’t really the musician that we hear. It is actually the instrument’s response to the promptings of the musician. With the brass and the woodwinds it is the player’s breath moving through the inner parts of the instrument, or with the stringed instruments it is the sound of the strings resonating in response to the musician’s touch. The unique construction of each instrument conveys the breath and/or touch in a different way, thereby creating a completely distinct sound. And so it is with God and all that He has created. The Father is the Master Craftsman who handcrafts each instrument, winnowing out the inner chambers of every heart and fastening every heartstring. The Spirit is the Master Musician, whose deft touch and subtle breath creates the music that reaches the heavens. Each life has the potential to become a beautiful melody, a completely original composition and ultimately a song of praise to the Creator. Just like the ripples in a pond, the sounds that emanate from one life spread out and touch all of those around them.

excerpted from the foreword to “The Ballad of Billy Turner”.

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