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Despite being a person who has taken the time to publish a few books, write hundreds of articles, and produce countless presentations over the years, I have to say that most talk is incredibly cheap.  Though words have the potential to be powerful within the right context, they rarely find that setting.  And even when they do, they can still come up empty if they’re not backed up with corresponding action.  It’s so easy to say that we believe in something, when that belief doesn’t cost us anything.  But the truth of our heart is revealed when it comes time to put hands and feet on our rhetoric.  If we’re not willing to get out of our comfort zone, or make a sacrifice, or even just risk being criticized, our words mean nothing.


Our nation was once renowned for its creativity, productivity, and resilience; but in recent decades we’ve largely become a culture of big talkers, who produce very little.  On a day when we celebrate the life of Martin Luther King Jr, it seems a good time to remember that it wasn’t just the eloquence of his speech that made such an impact.  Ultimately, it was a life lived as profoundly as the words he spoke.  We, and the leaders of our nation, would do well to follow his example.

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