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Just wanted to let everyone know that my book, “The Ballad of Billy Turner” is now available on Amazon.com ($9.95 + shipping)and Kindle ($2.50). I’ve attached the synopsis below. Happy New Year!

After just a few years of teaching, Bob Davis felt fortunate to move into the school counselor position at the elementary school where he worked. Though he enjoyed the kids, he found the daily grind of the classroom to be somewhat oppressive, and was more than happy to transition into a new role. Things seemed to be going well until the day the school’s principal asked him to look into a playground incident involving two young boys, Billy Turner and Jared Lowe. Though Bob assumed that this was just a typical skirmish between a couple of 8 year olds, he quickly discovered that he was wrong. At the time, he had no way of knowing that the repercussions of this incident would ultimately change the trajectory of his life. In fact, it is not until he encounters Billy, twenty-five years later, that he comes to fully appreciate the scope of what was set in motion on that day. This story of how one little boy’s life touches the lives of those around him is “The Ballad of Billy Turner”.

The Ballad of Billy Turner

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