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The day after your child is born

You realize that pain and discomfort can be worthwhile


The day after you utter piercing words

You realize that hurt cannot be taken back


The day after you are swindled

You recognize all the signs you should have noticed


The day after you receive that “thing” you thought would change everything

You recognize that no “thing” has the ability to do that


The day after you enact revenge on someone

You realize there is no satisfaction in it


The day after you lose someone you love

You recognize the void they filled in your life


The day after a “One Night Stand”

You find the emptiness within you


The day after you forgive someone

You realize that it is you who have been set free


The day after the “Dark Night of the Soul”

You find that God’s mercies are new every morning


The day after a tragedy

You realize how blessed you were two days ago


The day after you see one of your children step into their destiny

You find yourself being thankful for the sacrifices you made for them


The day after you compromise on the things you truly believe

You realize the power of shame


The day after you die

You’ll realize that how you lived really mattered


The day after Jesus comes back

You’ll realize that the truth was never really negotiable


(Proverbs 14:12)


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