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The danger in a systematic approach to theology is that we risk reducing the God who can do exceedingly, abundantly more than we could ask for, or imagine, into a god that fits within the confines of our understanding.

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The Answer:
What I see (& how it makes me feel)
What I think (& how it makes me feel)
What I’ve experienced (& how it makes me feel)
What I’ve been taught
What I expected
What I wanted
What I fear
What I thought was right
What I am confident that I know
What has worked in the past
My vision for the future
My pain
My anger
My disappointment
My offense
My imagination
The Question:
What is leading me instead of the Holy Spirit
(Prov 3:5, Prov 14:12, 2Cor 4:18)

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Denial refuses to acknowledge that there is a problem

Wisdom endeavors to see a problem for what it is

Fear magnifies and exaggerates a problem


Denial rationalizes inaction

Wisdom pursues prudent action

Fear produces over-reaction


Denial breeds apathy

Wisdom breeds contemplation

Fear breeds panic


Denial fights to maintain the status quo

Wisdom seeks a measured response

Fear makes a bad situation worse


Denial is emboldened by a stubborn will

Wisdom is empowered by a peaceful mind

Fear is fueled by a fruitful imagination


Denial results in complacency

Wisdom looks toward hope

Fear leads to desperation


God grant us the strength & wisdom to grab ahold

of the things you’ve placed in our hands

And grant us the faith & hope to trust You

for the things that are beyond our reach

And Lord, please give us the discernment to

recognize the difference between the two

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It’s a dangerous thing to mistake imagination for intuition.

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Too often, what we imagine our life ought to be keeps us from embracing the fullness of what it actually is.  Likewise, what we imagine ourselves to be often stands in the way of our becoming who we were created to be.

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