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It’s official – I’m an alien! Though I appreciate all of the love my earthly family has shown me over the years, it’s become apparent that I was most likely pulled from the wreckage of some wayward space craft. I clearly remember being teased in grade school about my unusually large head, and the prominent ears probably should have tipped me off too. I used to think that I was a pretty average guy, but now I see that I’m not of this world. I’ve tried to adapt to my surroundings, but increasingly this atmosphere is becoming toxic to my system. It’s obvious that this planet has very different ideas about what is acceptable, entertaining, inspiring, virtuous, funny, heroic, liberating, and fulfilling. While I understand that calling anything “wrong” gets you labeled as a “hater”, it all seems counterintuitive anymore. I realize that I will one day return to the world from which I came, and until then, I’ll try to be a good ambassador. After all, there may be some people down here who want to see that world too. I’ll do my best with whatever time I have left: but if I’m honest, I can’t wait to go home.

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