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·       You choose to pick your battles, as opposed to reacting to every little situation.

·       You become less concerned with what is popular, and more concerned about what is right.

·       You recognize that boundaries are meant for protection, and not as a barrier to the good stuff.

·       You become less concerned with quantity, and more concerned with quality.

·       You spend more time focusing on the big picture, and less time worrying about minor issues.

·       You become less concerned with your own well-being, and more concerned with the welfare of others.

·       You stop feeling the need to push your way to the front of every line.

·       You become less impressed by people’s accomplishments, and place a greater value on their character.

·       You find yourself being more driven by what needs to be done than by how you feel about it.

·       You spend more time being grateful for what you have than you spend worrying about what you don’t.

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