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The enemy would have us believe that we are living in “unprecedented” times & that everything has changed (Eccl 1:9).  But God’s character (Heb 13:8), His calling (Matt 22:37), and our mission (Matt 28:19) remain untouched within this present tense.

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It requires a lot more character to be a Leader than it does to be a Ruler.


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There is a significant difference between getting the win and attaining victory.  If the price of the win is our character, integrity and maybe even a bit of our humanity, I would suggest that we’ve missed “victory” all together.  At the end of our lives, our winning percentage, or the number of trophies on our shelf, will not be the ultimate measure of our success.  While we can rationalize that the ends somehow justify the means, the means we chose to gain those ends says everything about who we really are.

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·       You choose to pick your battles, as opposed to reacting to every little situation.

·       You become less concerned with what is popular, and more concerned about what is right.

·       You recognize that boundaries are meant for protection, and not as a barrier to the good stuff.

·       You become less concerned with quantity, and more concerned with quality.

·       You spend more time focusing on the big picture, and less time worrying about minor issues.

·       You become less concerned with your own well-being, and more concerned with the welfare of others.

·       You stop feeling the need to push your way to the front of every line.

·       You become less impressed by people’s accomplishments, and place a greater value on their character.

·       You find yourself being more driven by what needs to be done than by how you feel about it.

·       You spend more time being grateful for what you have than you spend worrying about what you don’t.

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