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In the midst of the rising waters, I cried out to You.  But instead of evicting the storm You declared, “Behold, I am changing the landscape.  I am washing away the deadwood, and debris of the past.  I am peeling back the top layer of depleted soil.  I am softening the hard ground.  I Am the living water, and my grace is sufficient for you.”

As I looked for a means of escape, I found the main road had been washed away, and once again I cried out to You.  But instead of placing my feet on dry ground You declared, “Behold, I am cutting off the old routes.  I am leading you in a new direction.  I Am the way, and my grace is sufficient for you.

As I began to ascend the mountain side, I found the forests ablaze with fire, and for a third time I cried out to You.  But instead of extinguishing the flames, You declared, “Behold, I am burning away the brush that chokes off new growth.  I am replenishing the soil with life giving minerals.  I Am the holy fire, and my grace is sufficient for you.  

And slowly my heart began to see that what I had been viewing as calamity, was actually the change I had been praying for.  And little by little, I learned to step upon the rock amidst the rushing waters.  To listen for Your voice instead of looking for a marked trail.  And to allow the rain of Your presence to sustain me in the middle of the smoke and flames.

Only You can make a way where there seems to be no way. 

You are I Am, and Your grace is sufficient for me!    

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We can take our thoughts captive or be taken captive by our thoughts.  We can be led by the Spirit or be driven by the storm.

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