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Ultimately, it comes down to what you believe the mission is.  If you believe that God is simply a loving Father who wants His kids to be happy, then you can make the journey all about pursuing your bliss.  If you conclude that it’s all about getting to heaven in the end, you can pray the prayer, punch your ticket, and bide your time until the bus leaves.  In such cases you never really have to consider anything other than how you feel about a particular matter.

But if you believe that God leaves us on this earth to serve a purpose, that our presence is meant to have some sort of impact on the world around us, and/or that we are meant to reflect His heart and character to a lost world, then it requires us to get beyond how we feel, and on to what will best serve His purposes.  In such cases, our life is no longer our own.

Without a death, there can be no resurrection. 

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