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Ultimately, it comes down to what you believe the mission is.  If you believe that God is simply a loving Father who wants His kids to be happy, then you can make the journey all about pursuing your bliss.  If you conclude that it’s all about getting to heaven in the end, you can pray the prayer, punch your ticket, and bide your time until the bus leaves.  In such cases you never really have to consider anything other than how you feel about a particular matter.

But if you believe that God leaves us on this earth to serve a purpose, that our presence is meant to have some sort of impact on the world around us, and/or that we are meant to reflect His heart and character to a lost world, then it requires us to get beyond how we feel, and on to what will best serve His purposes.  In such cases, our life is no longer our own.

Without a death, there can be no resurrection. 

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In his mega-selling book, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”, author Stephen Covey encourages the reader to “Begin with the end in mind” (i.e. Habit 2), which includes the development of a personal “Mission Statement”. 

This statement is meant to define the overarching purpose of a person, entity or group; and may include the values they mean to uphold along the way, and/or the destiny they hope to fulfill in the end.  Once established, it is intended to be a touchstone, which is revisited periodically as a reminder.  For a follower of Christ, this would seem to be a worthwhile exercise.

Ultimately, our mission is to succumb to God’s love, and to abide in the vine (i.e. Jesus), allowing His love to freely flow through us, so that He can be manifest upon the earth.  In this way, He remains the Head, and we function as the Body. 

Establishing His Kingdom rule in our hearts is what brings about, “Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven”; not the establishment of some revised religious structure, or the overthrow of the corrupt governments of this world. 

Living a life wholly given over to Christ is how we make disciples of all nations.  Not through our exceptional giftedness, or our clever evangelism techniques, or by our persuasive arguments; but by allowing Him to draw men unto Himself, through us.  Indeed, it is “Christ in us” that is the hope of His glory.

Our efforts to reduce the mission to some sort of practical, predictable, manageable, marketable, tactical strategy have stripped it of its supernatural power. 

In the midst of shouts to “make our voice heard”, and calls to take up arms against our oppressors, I beseech thee brothers and sisters to be mindful of the mission, and who we are called to be. 

Shouting at the darkness will not make it flee, but being the light will.

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The enemy would have us believe that we are living in “unprecedented” times & that everything has changed (Eccl 1:9).  But God’s character (Heb 13:8), His calling (Matt 22:37), and our mission (Matt 28:19) remain untouched within this present tense.

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As I sought the Lord as to the posture of my heart in these present times, I felt like He gave me very specific direction.

This may just be for me, but in case it isn’t, I offer it for your consideration.


I have given you the ministry of reconciliation

Both of reconciling people to Me and to each other (community)

I have not called you to be a “Defender of Truth”

I am the Truth, and I can defend myself

Guard your heart against meaningless quarrels

There is a way that seems right to a man, and it leads to death

The wisdom of men is foolishness to Me

I want you to mourn with those who mourn

And to stay close to the brokenhearted

Be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to become angry

Remember that the tongue can corrupt the whole body

When you do speak, speak life!

My heart is filled with compassion, not anger

If you have not love, you do not represent Me

Offer your body as a living sacrifice, which is the truest worship

And know that I am with you


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