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The enemy would have us believe that we are living in “unprecedented” times & that everything has changed (Eccl 1:9).  But God’s character (Heb 13:8), His calling (Matt 22:37), and our mission (Matt 28:19) remain untouched within this present tense.

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As I sought the Lord as to the posture of my heart in these present times, I felt like He gave me very specific direction.

This may just be for me, but in case it isn’t, I offer it for your consideration.


I have given you the ministry of reconciliation

Both of reconciling people to Me and to each other (community)

I have not called you to be a “Defender of Truth”

I am the Truth, and I can defend myself

Guard your heart against meaningless quarrels

There is a way that seems right to a man, and it leads to death

The wisdom of men is foolishness to Me

I want you to mourn with those who mourn

And to stay close to the brokenhearted

Be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to become angry

Remember that the tongue can corrupt the whole body

When you do speak, speak life!

My heart is filled with compassion, not anger

If you have not love, you do not represent Me

Offer your body as a living sacrifice, which is the truest worship

And know that I am with you


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