That which offends you is a powerful tool in the hands of your adversary

Scripture warns of a people who honor God with their lips, but whose hearts are far from Him (Isa 29:13, Matt 15:8, Mark 7:6).  Who possess a form of godliness, but who live in denial of His true power (2Tim 3:5).  A people who diligently study scripture, yet refuse to come to Him (John 5:38-40).  Who call Him Lord, and do things in His name, but who don’t truly know Him (Matt 7:21-23).  These warnings are not aimed at an unbelieving world, they are for those who profess to be “Believers”, who consider themselves “Christians”, who refer to Jesus as Lord, and who are likely to be found in a church building.  These warnings culminate in the book of Revelation, which contains strong admonitions for the various churches.

With so many claiming that we are approaching the end of times, we need to hear the voice of the prophet Elijah echoing out of history, “How long shall you waiver between two opinions?” (1 Kings 18:21).  As John the Revelator said, “Whoever has ears, let them hear what the Spirit says to the churches” (Rev. 2 & 3).

I have trod upon the flowers

While chasing fireworks

I have crushed the tender shoots

In pursuit of momentary thunder


I would not bend to behold them

But fixed my eyes on what could not be reached


I have trod upon the flowers

While chasing fireworks

I have forfeited a beautiful fragrance

For the smell of burning powder


I would not reach to touch them

But gave my heart to a shower of evaporating sparks


I have trod upon the flowers

While chasing fireworks

I have traded a living thing

For a fleeting burst of smoke

If everybody and everything is on your nerves, it may be worth considering that neither everybody, nor everything is the actual problem.

The difference between “in Him” (John 15:4-5) and “in His name” (Matt. 7:22-23) is everything.

One shouldn’t expect to successfully cast out a demon with the same attitude they used to invite it in (even if they use Jesus’ name).

If they have to apologize in order to receive forgiveness then it’s not really forgiveness.  That is not releasing them from their debt, it’s demanding payment.

Feeling sorry for someone who’s already immersed in self pity is like giving a glass of water to a drowning man.

Being angry with God isn’t likely to change how He feels about you, but it sure does excite your demons.

One Voice

There is a place where it all comes together

your experience

your intuition

your gut level instincts

A place where your passion, and intellect sing with one voice

In that moment you just know

and it seems inevitable

It is the triumph of the human spirit

And in the end

it leads to death (Prov. 14:12)