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The only time my voice is powerful is when I am saying what You are saying (Matt. 4:4). Everything else I say, regardless of my good intentions (Prov. 14:12), has the potential to be a distraction from what You are saying (Matt. 12:36).


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It requires a lot more character to be a Leader than it does to be a Ruler.


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Scripture exhorts us to always be ready to give an answer about the hope that we have (1 Peter 3:15), but if all people see & hear is our fear, frustration and indignation, it’s unlikely that anyone will ever ask.

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It’s not so much about bringing people to Christ, it’s about bringing Christ to them.

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As I sought the Lord as to the posture of my heart in these present times, I felt like He gave me very specific direction.

This may just be for me, but in case it isn’t, I offer it for your consideration.


I have given you the ministry of reconciliation

Both of reconciling people to Me and to each other (community)

I have not called you to be a “Defender of Truth”

I am the Truth, and I can defend myself

Guard your heart against meaningless quarrels

There is a way that seems right to a man, and it leads to death

The wisdom of men is foolishness to Me

I want you to mourn with those who mourn

And to stay close to the brokenhearted

Be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to become angry

Remember that the tongue can corrupt the whole body

When you do speak, speak life!

My heart is filled with compassion, not anger

If you have not love, you do not represent Me

Offer your body as a living sacrifice, which is the truest worship

And know that I am with you


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It can’t rightfully be considered dialogue if neither side is listening.

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In our zeal for accurate theology, we must be mindful of how we treat what the Apostle Paul would describe as our weaker brother (Rom 14). We may rationalize that we are simply attacking a corrupt religious system, but there are children trapped within those walls, who are just as precious to their Father as the ones we’ll encounter on the streets.


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If love is not proud & does not boast; if it does not envy & keeps no record, then it also has no basis on which to ever be competitive


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Jesus didn’t just come to teach us truth.  He is the truth!  Jesus didn’t just come to point us to the way.  He is the way!  Jesus didn’t just come to lead us to life.  He is the life!  (John 14:6)  Jesus didn’t just come to give us the Word.  He is the Word!  (John 1:1 & 14)  God is not simply loving.  He is love! (1 John 4:8)  We were meant to access all these things through our direct connection to Him. (John 15:5)  Without a genuine bond with the person of God, truth is reduced to a pile of arbitrary facts; the way becomes little more than a methodical process for gaining our desired outcome; the Word is devalued into just another ancient philosophy book; and we become a people who have a form of godliness while denying the true power thereof (2 Tim 3:5).


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It’s a lot easier to be passionate than it is to be compassionate.

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