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I will admit that I often battle cynicism, and that this cynical outlook has been a part of my personality for as long as I can remember. It is therefore tempting to think of myself as a “born cynic”, but the Lord is quick to remind me that, “you were not born that way”.  Indeed, this dim view is a byproduct of my experience with people and with the world system in general.  As such, it is a learned behavior.  A few years ago, the Lord plainly spoke to me, “I am not cynical”, which I understood to mean that if I wanted to accurately reflect His heart to a lost and dying world, I would need to let go of the cynicism that had become such an integral part of my thinking.  As I’ve engaged in this process of healing and deliverance, I’ve come to understand that cynicism opposes hope and ultimately faith.  It is exercising more confidence in man’s fallen nature and the spiritual powers of darkness than in the healing and resurrecting power of Jesus.  It is the belief that people will never change even when God says that transformation is our destiny and that He is faithful to complete that good work.  I’ve found that God is not calling me to trust people or worldly systems, He’s calling me to trust Him.  Not only in His ability to guide and protect me, but also in His ability to make all things new.  God help me to have Your heart.

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