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There are a lot of philosophies out there about the best way to raise children, but I’ve noticed that the fruit of many of them isn’t particularly worthwhile.  In that vein, I offer the following bit of satire. 




I tried to give them all the things I never had

And now they feel entitled to everything they want


Anytime they were hungry, we’d run through the drive thru

And now they can’t seem to endure anything that’s not fast and easy


Whenever we went to the store, I’d get them a little something

And now they struggle with spending money that they don’t have


When they played sports, I made sure that everyone got the same trophy

And now they expect the same pay as the people who actually show up to work


I taught them that every person gets to decide what they accept as “the truth”

And now the only thing they seem to believe in is themselves


Every time they had a bad coach or teammate, I pulled them off the team

And now they refuse to work for or with anyone they don’t like


Anytime they struggled in a class, I’d storm the doors of the principal’s office

And now they blame everyone else for their problems


I taught them that freedom was their unalienable right

And now they feel like nobody can say anything when they’re wrong


I made sure that they didn’t have to work like I did

And now they’re not willing to work like they need to


I did everything for them

And now I’m raising their kids


I gave them every advantage

And I can’t understand how they turned out this way


I wonder what’s going to happen if I ever need their help

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